UMOS Leadership Team Graduates from TSOD

UMOS Leadership Team Graduates from TSOD

February 2, 2011

UMOS Leadership Team Graduates from TSOD Team Building and Conflict Management Training

February 2, viagra buy 2011

(Oshkosh, viagra canada Wisconsin)   Training Services On Demand (TSOD) provided a Team Building workshop for UMOS Professionals at their regional office in east central Wisconsin.  Participants gained a heightened awareness of themselves and their colleagues: How they naturally communicate, make decisions, and form professional relationships.  During the workshop, team members participated in activities that clarified team dynamics and challenges, helping members work toward enhanced trust, camaraderie, and other traits associates with high-performing teams.  Each participant received a personalized MBTI® profile that details their workplace preferences and their team development opportunities.  In addition, the workshop included TSOD’s Conflict Management module, which identifies the sources of team conflict, decreases team adversity and opposition, and increases the use of collaborative techniques.

UMOS is a private, non-profit corporation established in 1965 to advocate for and provide services to Hispanic migrant and seasonal farm workers in Wisconsin.  Today, UMOS offers diverse programs and services to diverse populations.  UMOS’ mission is to provide programs and services which improve the employment, education, health, and housing opportunities of under-served populations.  In 2007, more than $46 million in grant funds from federal, state, and local sources supported these programs.  The UMOS corporate offices are located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  UMOS programs operate throughout the state of Wisconsin, as well as in Minnesota, Kansas, Missouri, and Texas.

Training Services On Demand (TSOD) is a top-tier provider of training and employee development solutions.  TSOD provides onsite training at customer locations for complete teams, ensuring that its programs are adapted to meet organization-specific training needs.  TSOD seminars and workshops are conducted nationwide at all-inclusive bundled tuition rates and can be procured through the GSA Schedule. Popular training course titles include MBTI® Team Building, Team Leadership, Presentation Skills, Media Relations, Negotiation Skills, Business Writing, Time Management, Stress Management, Sexual Harassment Prevention, Diversity Training, and Convention Mini-Seminars.

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