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You’re being judged!

Other professionals are evaluating your team based upon your use of the language.  The result: Clear, correct writing is essential to your reputation and your effectiveness.

Unfortunately, many of us forget the essentials—the rules and techniques that enable us to craft precise, error-free documents.

This course offers a business writing checkup, with a free grammatical booster shot.

business_writing_training_1You’ll learn proven methods for composing impressive proposals, reader-friendly e-mail messages, and informative reports.  You’ll discover easy ways to avoid embarrassing goofs.

Yes, this program will conjure up memories of Mrs. Dodd’s sixth-grade English class.  It also will add the tips, tricks, and techniques you need to communicate effectively as a professional.

Make your writing reflect the true sophistication of your organization with TSOD’s Business Writing Workshop.

Immediate Benefits for Your Team

This onsite, team-focused workshop upgrades skills and effectiveness across your entire workgroup.  Your team will learn:

  • The Essential Rules for Readable Writing
    Beginning with everybody’s favorite subject—grammar and punctuation (Ugh!)—you’ll explore the essential elements of good business writing.  You may be surprised at what you’ve forgotten (and what’s changed) since Eighth Grade English class.  Fortunately, we’re there to remind you, and we promise to make it as fun as possible.business_writing_training_2
  • How to Liven-up Your Documents
    You’ll practice using the active voice and normalization editing to improve all of your communication products.  In addition, you’ll learn to spot writing taboos, including the dreaded clich�.  Finally, you’ll discover why confusing sentences often seem perfectly clear to the writer, and how you can avoid that trap.
  • How to Organize: Converting Your Genius Into Words
    Like any other skilled activity, writing should involve a process: A way to get the job done easily and correctly.  We’ll introduce you to both standard and creative writing processes that help you leap over writers’ block and onto the keyboard.  By the end of this section, you’ll be able to write faster, clearer and more concisely.
  • How to Proof and Edit Your Own Work
    Acclaimed novelist James Michener claimed to be a mediocre writer, but a fantastic editor.  Michener testifies to the fact that your best work can and should take place after your document rests for a spell.  In this lesson, you’ll learn how to use proven proofing and editing techniques to turn decent documents into award-winners.
  • The Big Bag o’ Tricks
    You’ll discover the nine things great writers always do to ensure that their words compel, motivate, and persuade their readers.  You’ll benefit from proven techniques that make your work stand out from the crowd.

Proven Results, Guaranteed Reliability


This isn’t a one-size-fits-all ”hotel seminar.”  It focuses on your workgroup’s business writing needs, and compels your team to smooth-out its own rough spots.

It’s an interactive and fun—sometimes extremely amusing—program, but there’s no time for fluff.

You’ll benefit from:

  • A full day of enlightening and highly interactive business writing skills education with expert facilitation,
  • A student workbook that you’ll customize as you go through the course, and
  • Proven editorial techniques and easy ”fixes” that you’ll use immediately.

The interactive nature of this course fortifies its effectiveness.  You’ll enjoy “pencil-on-paper” challenges that add color to the workshop content, and guarantee the program’s relevance to your team’s work.

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