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Diversity Awareness Workshop
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A Practical, Professional Approach to Diversity Awareness…

Diversity Awareness One

      TSOD’s Diversity Awareness Workshop proves that diversity training can be both practical and interesting. Participants graduate from this short-but-powerful workshop with an uncommonly personal perspective on respectful workplace relationships.

The program combines facilitator-led discussions, video presentations, and small-group discussions to create a compelling and memorable diversity learning experience. Participants learn how the workplace is evolving and becoming more diverse. And they discover the value of diversity and multicultural teamwork in their own organization.

The interactive nature of this course ensures that each participant gets involved in defining diversity issues, examining the implications of those issues, and suggesting realistic solutions. By reinforcing participant observations with case studies and short video scenarios, the workshop delivers an uncommonly meaningful message.

Participants graduate from the program with a heightened awareness of diversity issues. More importantly, participants usually adopt a personal commitment to a respectful and inclusive team culture.

Participants Learn…


  • The nature of differences: How each person is inherently different, and why those differences are valuable,
  • What seemingly benign attitudes, behaviors, actions and words might be interpreted as non-inclusive or hostile,
  • How adverse values, attitudes, and behaviors affect organizations, teams, and careers,
  • What biases and stereotypes may be associated with gender, race, religion, age, culture, disability, and life style, and
  • How any why each employee should contribute to an inclusive workplace environment.

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