Documenting Online Sexual Harassment

Documenting Online Sexual Harassment

November 17, 2014 ,

Online Sexual HarassmentOne of TSOD’s most popular products is our Sexual Harassment Prevention workshop. Even though the number of lawsuits has waned in recent years, multimillion dollar judgments are still common. As a result many corporations and government organizations now require periodic training.

Sexual harassment has always been a bad practice and it’s becoming more widely regarded as anathema in the workplace as victims come forward. But a bad practice really doesn’t capture the character of the perpetrator. We could be more descriptive here but let’s just say these people aren’t horribly cerebral. Nothing illustrates this more than the use of the online technology by sexual harassers.

If there is an upside to using these channels for harassment it is the instant documentation that accompanies the offense. Words, pictures, dates, times and senders are often recorded on a server for investigators to review. Despite beliefs to the contrary deleting a sent message doesn’t delete it from the servers of cyberspace.

Note to sexual harassers: Stop – you will be caught at some point even if you’ve gotten away with it for years. When that happens your world will change dramatically – for the worse.

Note to victims: You have a growing group of supporters who want you to work in a safe and pleasant environment. If you’ve not come forward do so now because your world can change too – for the better.

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