Hard Work for Peace and Long Life

Hard Work for Peace and Long Life

February 28, 2015 , ,

Hard Work for Peace and Long Life

Vulcan salutation offered by Leonard Nimoy as he channels Spock

Vulcan salutation offered by Leonard Nimoy as he channels Spock

He was as well-known as any politician, try religious leader of rock star of the day. Leonard Nimoy – Spock to aficionados of Star Trek (his last name could only be pronounced “after a fashion” by his mother).

Friday, February 27, 2015 his long life ended.

He was a photographer, director and an author but first and foremost to his fans he was an actor, or more precisely, Spock of Vulcan.

It’s difficult for Trekkies to really believe some people don’t like Star Trek

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. I am a Trekkie and I was married to a person who just didn’t “get” Star Trek least of all the pointy-eared Spock. Logic and a matter-of-fact approach to life characterized the role. Nimoy became the character, the straight-man to William Shatner’s Cpt. Kirk.

But enough. Any fan knows all this. What is unique about the role though is how it touched each passionate fan. Nimoy became a friend to some and a role-model for many. On the tail-end of shoot-em-up Hollywood westerns, Spock gave younger viewers a vision of a thoughtful hero, one calm in the midst of confusion.

From Fiction to a Kind of Reality

In an upcoming post from TSOD.com we’ll be encouraging readers to recognize and remember the difference between TV and real life. That’s good advice but for today it’s fun to think about Spock and the rest of the Star Trek crew(s) as transcending the fiction/non-fiction line. Indeed it takes effort to remember that we have not visited the stars or even ventured into space beyond our moon. Star Trek’s story lines made space travel so real despite that realness existing only in our imaginations.

Spock became real because Nimoy took the role and his work seriously. He was committed to quality. He could have pulled back but he didn’t. He was an excellent actor and because of that we will enjoy this fictional/non-fictional character forever. One final benefit from Nimoy’s work may be the lesson that working hard and doing quality work can have a lasting effect.


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