Keeping It Simple – The Key to Time Management – From TSOD R&D

Keeping It Simple – The Key to Time Management – From TSOD R&D

December 13, 2002

Time Management

Many years ago when KISS was the band I was a young broadcast reporter who had the opportunity to interview Gene Simmons (and yes, I am a name dropper – stay tuned).

There had been questions about just what KISS stood for – if anything.  When I offered Simmons the rumor that the name stood for “Knights In Satan’s Service” – circulated by the middle school set no doubt – he smacked me down with:

“It stands for keep-it-simple-stupid.”

He was clearly upset with the question.

Grrrr.  I felt about that tall. I’m squeezing my thumb and index finger here.

But “Keep It Simple Stupid” was my takeaway.  What an elegant phrase, applicable to so many things.  Through the years that phrase has come back to me in many ways.  Today as the Chief of Curriculum and one of the owners of, I’ve applied it to our Time Superstar – time management program.

How does keeping things simple help with time management?

Tell you what:  Today spend just five minutes to find one thing to simplify in your work.  Just one.  Perhaps tomorrow you’ll work on another.  If you see the wisdom of simplification you’ll soon see its beauty.

When our students finish the Time Superstar workshop they’re equipped with big-time ideas for attacking the issues that drain the time, the efficiency, the fun and the joy from their day.  They’re taught to invest some time each day simplifying their work and their workplace.

Yea yea yea – we offer tactics for using time more efficiently, but no one can make your workplace more efficient than you.  What does is help you to help yourself.

So long after the workbooks are collecting dust on the shelf, you are doing the things necessary to simplify your workplace and make your work – more fun.

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Tim Sharp is a university lecturer and award-winning reporter.  He is also the Chief of Curriculum and a principal of

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