Leadership Course Curriculum

Team Leadership Workshop Curriculum

Two-Day Course Curriculum

This course provides the skills and insights required to guide members of a team.

It is a “Management Training” program, but focuses on people management, as opposed to project or financial management. It helps managers and supervisors understand what their people need—what their team needs—to be successful.

Team Leadership Workshop: Day One

Section One (1 hour)
Team Leadership Self Assessment

    Through a written self-assessment, guided discussions and small-group exercises, participants will define the attributes of leadership. By the end of the module, the relevance and importance of upcoming information will become clear. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to think-through the leadership assets they hadn’t considered previously, and to inventory their existing skill set. This self-assessment module provides a solid foundation on which to develop meaningful leadership skills.

Section Two (1 hour)
Team Leader Roles, Skills, and Attributes

    This section uses guided discussions and small-group exercises to define the key skills of effective team leadership. Participants will discover how leadership methods can-and should-differ, depending upon employee needs. By the end of the module, participants will have defined their “natural” leadership style. In addition, they will be able to identify the complementary styles required for supervising employees with differing needs and divergent personalities.

Section Three (1 hour)
Assessing Employee Needs

    Participants will learn proven methods for assessing the type and amount of leadership each employee needs for a certain task, project or set of responsibilities. This “diagnosis” section ensures that managers can avoid micro-management or under-supervision, either of which would prove counterproductive. By the end of this section, managers will be able to assess a given employee’s skill level with a given task, and to define the type of supervision required.

Section Four (1.5 hours)
Applying Leadership Strategies

    Building upon the previous section, participants will consider how their natural leadership style needs to be adapted to fit various circumstances. Using facilitator-led discussions and small-group exercises, participants will match their natural leadership styles to sample scenarios, ensuring their ability to apply appropriate leadership methods in common management settings.

Section Five (1.5 hours)
Creating Employee/Supervisor Partnerships

    Participants will learn the best practices associated with effective leader/member team relationships. Participants will decide how often it’s appropriate to meet with their full team and individual team members. They’ll use their new insights (about matching their methods to employee needs) as they craft full-team and one-on-one meeting agendas. Participants will graduate from this module with an effective game plan for monitoring and cultivating their team’s progress.

Section Six (1 hour)
Applying Flexible Methods to Challenging Situations

    In this section, participants will use case studies and sample situations to gain a very practical leadership perspective. Participants will work-through options and responses for challenging (but typical) management situations. By the end of the module, participants will have new insights on ethical, responsible, and appropriate leadership practices. Participants will learn that the first response isn’t always the best: that good supervision often involves a considered approach to team interaction.

Team Leadership Workshop: Day Two

Section Seven (3.5 hours)
Integrating Values and Personality Types

      This section uses a scientific assessment of each manager’s workplace preferences to reveal potential sources of team conflict and opportunities for increased team effectiveness. This interactive session is non-judgmental, but uncommonly revealing: Participants will discover how and why different team members communicate, make decisions, organize their work, and assess new information in very different ways. When misunderstood, these interpersonal differences are the source of team friction. When leveraged, these differences prove amazingly beneficial (see the article, “

Section Eight (3.5 hours)
Putting it All Together: Applied Leadership Lab

    This section allows participants to practice and polish their new leadership insights. Through facilitated small-group exercises, participants will deal with common leadership issues, and conduct practice one-on-one and team meetings. This challenging, fast-paced practice session ensures that team leaders will leave the workshop prepared to guide their employees using proven leadership methods.

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