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MediaSavvy™ Media Training Programs: Overview

Bring proven media relations skills to your organization and benefit from a healthy public image.  Crafted and facilitated by experienced, award-winning journalists, MediaSavvy™ training programs are regarded as the most effective preparation for any type of situation, any style of interview, and any brand of reporter.  Short seminars and boot-camp workshops are available at your location, nationwide…
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MediaSavvy™ Media Relations Workshop

2 Days, At Your Location
Designed specifically for high-visibility corporate and government staff members, this workshop features videotaped rehearsal interviews supplemented by expert coaching.  Through two fast-paced days, you’ll practice proven techniques for presenting yourself credibly, handling tough interviews, and recovering from public relations cave-ins.  This isn’t a “sit-back-and-listen” seminar, but a true Media Boot Camp…
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MediaSavvy™ Media Relations Seminar

1 Day, At Your Location
If time or budget limits prevent you from scheduling the full workshop described above, this concentrated seminar provides an array of tips and techniques for your news media encounters

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. You’ll learn up-to-date best practices for media relationship building, interviewing techniques, nonverbal communication, coping with adversity, and more…
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