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Onsite Media Training: Course Description

A Real-World Perspective on Working with Reporters

If you need to work with the news media—either proactively or defensively—MediaSavvy training courses are ideal for you.

Crafted and facilitated by award-winning journalists, MediaSavvy seminars and workshops give you the skill and confidence to turn television, radio, and press interviews to your advantage.

Available in highly interactive two-day workshops, condensed one-day seminars, or one-topic convention sessions, MediaSavvy programs reveal how you can look and sound your best, using proven techniques to optimize media encounters.

MediaSavvy courses are popular among professionals who find themselves in the media spotlight, including executives, politicians, and high-visibility professionals. You’ll learn every aspect of effective message positioning, interviewing, and media relationship building.

Course Options: Two-day, One-day, or a Single Topic

In the two-day MediaSavvy workshop…media_training_10

…you’ll explore proven methods for working with reporters, and you’ll practice what you learn through videotaped interviews. You’ll receive on-the-spot critiques and constructive coaching from experienced reporters. This results-oriented learning experience prepares you to deal with virtually any media encounter, whether proactive or hostile in nature. Because of the individual attention provided during this workshop, participation is limited to twelve persons. More Course Details

In the one-day MediaSavvy seminar…

…you’ll learn the most appropriate methods for working with reporters. You’ll gain the full benefit of our proven workshop curriculum (above), but without video practice. Ideal for organizations with tight time or budget constraints, this training program delivers relevant information in a condensed format. More Course Details

In convention mini-seminars…

…you’ll provide your convention attendees with a time-efficient and content-rich exploration of a relevant aspect of media relations. Convention mini-seminars showcase our most popular media topics, creating a valuable and entertaining short session. More Course Details

Designed and Facilitated by Accomplished Journalists

MediaSavvy’s facilitation team combines decades of media experience, extensive public relations practice and refined corporate training expertise to ensure that your learning experience is vivid, relevant, and memorable.


In addition, our trainers are flexible, accommodating, and personable. You’ll work with good people… and very experienced people.   Read About the Course Leaders.

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