Mid Year Resolution

Mid Year Resolution

New Year's Resolution

Approach your New Year’s Resolution as a Mid Year Resolution

Your New Year’s Resolution: A Jump Start For June with a Mid Year Resolution.

Cause chances are you’re not going to make it.

More than half of you who’ve made new year’s resolutions will fail.

Sorry – that’s a fact.

But here’s a tip that will help you succeed this year:

Make your resolution to get a running start on your mid year resolution.

Now I’m not suggestion you delay your new year’s resolution until June but instead delay your assessment of success until then.

Here’s the thing:  Most people will fail at anything they’re new to, whether it’s handling a new piece of software or playing a game.  But no one stops doing these things because they’ve failed; they keep on going.

The difference between failure at other things and new year’s resolutions is those stated commitments.  These are almost a dare that they’ll fail.

New things take practice, mistakes, stuttering starts, failure and eventually … success.

It doesn’t make any difference what you resolve to do or change.  If you’re persistent you’ll succeed.  So give yourself a running start this year.  Use the first six months to practice your resolution.  It seems only reasonable.

By June you’ll have worked out all the bugs and you’ll be ready to measure your success.  And you will have learned to forgive yourself when you inevitably fail again (in the second part of the year).  As you do you’ll find yourself growing stronger and find it much easier in getting back on track.

Tim Sharp is Chief of Curriculum for TSOD.com, Training Services On Demand a national corporate and government training company offering Time Management, Stress Management, Team Building and other programs.

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