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Negotiation Skills Training

Onsite Workshops for Win-Win Results in Every Negotiation

negotiations2Productive negotiating combines several elements, and TSOD’s Negotiation Skills Workshop covers the spectrum. Best of all, we’ll take you through this negotiation boot camp in just two days, giving you skills you’ll begin using on day three.

This isn’t a sit-back-and-listen program. You’ll be put to the test in various scenarios, using different techniques, and gaining poise and confidence at every turn. You’ll need to arrive ready to flex your intellectual muscles.

Sure, you’ll learn some shortcuts and some easy negotiation tricks. But you’ll also gain deeper insight into how the person across the table thinks, assumes, and reacts. And you’ll gain the benefit of proven techniques to effectively deal with every phase of the negotiation process.

Immediate Benefits for Your Team

This onsite, full-team workshop jump-starts your team’s effectiveness by boosting negotiation sophistication. Your team will learn:



  • How to plan any negotiation: This section helps you define the issues underneath the table: The make-or-break expectations that must be met before success is possible. You’ll use effective—but unobtrusive—probing methods, contingency plans, and “what if” scenarios to craft a solid strategy before the negotiating begins.
  • Creative thinking: How to create a win when all appears lost. In this section, you’ll use case studies to convert dilemmas into win-win solutions. Using out-of-the-box thinking, you’ll exercise your ability to quickly recover from sticky situations and put derailed negotiations back on track.
  • Self Awareness: What you need to do to adapt your negotiation style. You’ll begin with a self-assessment… a measure of your natural negotiating style. From there, you’ll learn styles appropriate for different scenarios. Just as importantly, you’ll learn how others tend to negotiate, and you’ll discover the hidden meaning behind their approach.
  • Assertiveness: You’ll discover how to be assertive without being demanding. You’ll ensure that your viewpoint isn’t simply stated; It’s actually understood and respected by your negotiating partner. By mastering the three types of assertiveness, and choosing the correct type at the right time, you’ll avoid being steamrolled, and you’ll avoid coming-across as imperious.negotiations3
  • Questioning Techniques: How to get past the superficial issues to pinpoint the deal-makers. Without good questioning, you can give away the farm on every conceivable issue, and still fail to create a win-win conclusion. There’s something else on your opponent’s mind, but he’s never clarified it-perhaps not even to himself. You’ll practice the six types of questioning used to dig-up buried treasure.
  • How and when to declare success: You’ll learn how to bring continuous-loop negotiations to a conclusion, how to avoid open-ended scenarios, and how to walk-away from fruitless negotiations without slamming the door on future possibilities. You’ll learn proven techniques for this vital step in the negotiation process, and you’ll practice innovative ways of asking for ink.

A Workshop That Adapts to Your Needs

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all ”hotel seminar.” It focuses on your specific negotiating needs, and compels your team to practice in its toughest corners.

Each member of your team will benefit by discovering:


  • Their natural negotiating ”style,” and how they can be more flexible when different approaches are called for,
  • How others tend to negotiate, and why “style mirroring” is a technique peppered in landmines
  • When to effectively asserting oneself, even when outside the power seat, and
  • How to mentally prepare for the negotiating process; envisioning the win-win scenario before making it real.

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