”Next Generation” Time Management Training Program

”Next Generation” Time Management Training Program

January 30, 2004

”Next Generation” Time Management Training Program Earns Rapid Popularity

January 30, 2004

(Washington DC)   More than half of the organizations that have scheduled the Time Superstar™ training workshop have scheduled the program more than once. The half-day training program, designed and taught by the industrial engineering team at Training Services On Demand, debuted last summer and quickly became one of TSOD’s most popular course offerings.

“We’re accustomed to very high levels of customer satisfaction,” said TSOD Principal Frank Whyte. “But a fresh perspective on time management struck many of our customers as the right thing, at the right time, done the right way. They’re excited about this program.”

Whyte notes that better time management is a priority for many organizations and individuals. However, most of the courses designed to address the need predate today’s foremost time management challenges.

“We’ve all heard the best thinking of the sixties and seventies regarding time management,” Whyte said. “We created a course that addresses e-mail and cell phones and PDAs and all of the new-tech distracters that didn’t exist when other time management courses were created.”

The resulting program lasts only a half day, a nod to the TSOD team’s contention that the term “two-day time management seminar” constitutes an oxymoron. In the four-hour session, participants move from goals through habits and into tactics, defining ways to increase personal effectiveness, both as professionals and as people in search of fulfillment.

“The course is very much a personalized experience,” Whyte says. “No two teams or two people leave the course with the exact same action plan.”

The course doesn’t skimp on ideas, offering more than 100 proven techniques for optimizing life’s journey. Participants who leverage those insights to save just 20 minutes a day gain three work weeks of new time each year.

The half-day Time Superstar program is conducted as an onsite workshop only. Among repeat customers for Time Superstar are Fortune 500® companies Verizon and VF Corporation. Course details are available online at tsod.com/time-management-for-teams/.

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