Overwhelmed Employees Boost Demand

Overwhelmed Employees Boost Demand

January 29, 2004

Overwhelmed Employees Boost Demand for Time Management and Stress Training Programs

January 29, 2004

(Washington DC)   The warming economy already appears to have overheated the workforce, with some employee workloads and stress levels rising toward the boiling point. As a result, companies are clambering to provide time and stress management training for frazzled personnel, according to Training Services On Demand (TSOD), which provides onsite training workshops.

“The demand for time management and stress management training has tripled in the last twelve months,” said Tim Sharp, TSOD time management team leader. “The interest is coming from the bottom up�from employees who are asking their managers for coping solutions.”

TSOD finds that many of its new corporate customers have experienced a surge in business, but haven’t yet made new hiring commitments. The result is an over-tasked and over-stressed in-seat workforce.

“We expect some increase in time management training when the economy is on the rise,” said Frank Whyte, TSOD chief curriculum officer.

“But the interest in time and stress management is stronger now than we’ve ever seen before. Employees are both digging-out from a heavy workload and trying to cope with the overall anxiety we’ve all felt in recent years.”

Whyte’s company, Training Services On Demand, provides half-day time management and stress management workshops at its customers’ locations. The two programs often are combined to give employee teams a day to both de-stress and realign their time commitments.

Whyte says that the programs have been particularly popular in telecommunications and high-tech industries that were most violently shaken in recent economic quakes. TSOD also offers mini-seminars for conventions, which are popular among professional groups. Training Services On Demand’s Time Management and Stress Management training programs are detailed on the internet at www.tsod.com/time.

“Later this year, we’re likely to see an increase in team building programs,” Whyte predicted. “As companies catch-up on their hiring and form new employee groups, they’ll want to ensure that they’re creating functional teams.”

Training Services On Demand (TSOD) is a top-tier provider of training and employee development solutions. TSOD conducts workshops at customer locations for complete teams, ensuring that its programs leverage team insights and produce team-oriented results. The company’s seminars and workshops are available nationwide at fully bundled tuition rates. Combining proven curricula, expert facilitators, and modest tuition schedules, TSOD ensures the availability of high-quality employee learning experiences to a growing, blue-clip client list.

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