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Presentation Consulting: Rollout Review and Critique

Make Sure ”The Big One” Showcases Your Genius…

presentation_skills_6Before you debut your make-or-break presentation, we should be your audience.

We’re not an easy crowd.

With one of our professional communication skills consultants in your test presentation, you’re going to get some new ideas.  You’ll get some well-deserved praise for your ingenuity.

But mostly, you’ll get coaching on what you can do better.  That’s the important thing: What you can do to motivate and convince your audience: How you can convert spectators into fans.

If you’ll allow one of our professional communication skills coaches to serve as your audience, we’ll help you de-bug all aspects of your presentation, including the subtle—often hidden—psychological messages attached to your words, body language, gestures, and visual aids.

Benefit from Outstanding Insights

Our presentation skills coaches aren’t self-appointed public speaking experts.  They’ve earned Emmy Awards as television broadcasters.  Some hold PhDs.  One is a Presidential Appointee to an acclaimed school of communication.  Another served as executive producer for The Larry King show.

You’ll benefit from our proven, documented approach to presentation excellence, evaluated by some of the country’s foremost communication consultants.

Please, Sweat the Small Stuff


Throughout history, minor mistakes—errors of nuance—have been the costliest.  A presentation that just ”doesn’t quite hit the mark” is as useless as the worst speech ever delivered.

Fact: little things mean a lot.

Whether you’re taking the stage in front of investment bankers, stockholders, customers, taxpayers, or employees, you need to present with confidence and with power.

That’s why we evaluate presentations on 34 separate criteria… proven best practices that include psychological persuaders and ingenious ideas.  These ”two percent solutions” boost your effectiveness, giving you the expertise to motivate, influence, and persuade audiences.
Gear-up for the Big Day


If you have some time, we’d prefer to schedule a two-day Presentation Skills Workshop for you and your team.  Through interactive instruction and videotaped coaching sessions, you’ll benefit from new, lasting skills that enhance every presentation you’ll ever conduct.

But we’re assuming you don’t have time for a workshop.  If you need to shake-down an important presentation, and you need to do it now, we can help.
Logistics: The Review-and-Critique Process

We’ll provide a presentation skills expert at your location to review your presentation.

Ideally, we’d like to see the presentation in its final (or near-final) form.  We’ll ask you to rehearse the final presentation as close to reality as possible, including the same presenters, wearing the same clothes, using the same visuals… even in the same location, if possible.

presentation_skills_12 We usually ask to see the presentation three times:  Once straight-through, without interruptions; Once with breaks for suggestions and practice; and a Final run-though as a cleanup rehearsal.

You may wish to take some time after the review-and-critique session to make changes.  As such, it’s best to conduct the review-and-critique a couple of days before your debut

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We can conduct a good review-and-critique of a short presentation (30 minutes or less) in a half day (or less).  Longer presentations and presentations involving multiple speakers, may require a full day.  As a rule of thumb, the review-and-critique process lasts (three times the length of your presentation) plus (two to three hours).

Each presenter we critique will receive a copy of our Persuasive Presentations workshop guide, which includes advice and ideas for future reference.

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