Presentation Skills Curriculum


Onsite Presentation Skills: Workshop Details

Curriculum Outline: Training Services On Demand provides presentation skills training at your location, for your team. Programs are available as:

Comprehensive two-day workshops —including videotaped participant critiques—for groups of six to twelve participants, or

One-day accelerated seminars that include core content from the workshops, without videotaped coaching sessions.

Presentation Skills Training Topics

  • How to Organize Your Thoughts into a Compelling Message
    You’ll benefit from proven methods for creative construction within a logical framework.

    • You’ll discover how to craft introductory messages that immediately captivate audiences.
    • You’ll find out why most presentations end with a whimper, and you’ll discover the importance of giving your group a call to action.
    • You’ll learn five essential rules for presentation content, and you’ll put them to work before you leave the course!
    • How to Project Poise and Confidence
      presentation_skills_8In this section, you’ll discover how the world’s best presenters project charisma and credibility.
    • You’ll learn how to handle stage fright–and learn why a bit of anxiety can work to your benefit.
    • You’ll discover nonverbal communication cues–the messages you send without trying–and you’ll practice methods for creating the desired presentation atmosphere.
    • You’ll find-out which gestures and words are absolute no-no’s, and which can help you add power and impact to your message.
    • How to Create Powerful Audio/Visuals
      This section allows you to capitalize on the incredible energy of light, color, and imagery.
    • You’ll discover how gather information, and learn astonishingly easy methods for capturing attention.
    • You’ll learn how to avoid A/V annoyances: The critical rules for maintaining the integrity of your visual presentation.
    • You’ll explore a/v media types, and learn which are most effective with various audience types.
    • You’ll learn what to do when your A/V’s are DOA.
    • You’ll discover the psychological implications of colors and shapes in presentations, giving you the ”five percent solution” of using hidden persuaders to your advantage.
    • How to Interact with Your Audience
      In this section, you’ll explore the opportunities and challenges of audience interaction. By mastering both types, you’ll consistently craft positive messages, even in the face of adversity.
    • You’ll learn how create a truly interactive presentation experience, compelling your attendees to reach your conclusions for you.
    • You’ll discover how skillful presenters handle tough crowds (and you’ll learn what’s bothering the seven adverse attendee types).
    • You’ll practice handling tough questions with our legendary ”slap &amp tickle” device for handling just about any type of adverse audience member.
    • How and When to Use Humor in Presentations
      presentation_skills_4Using our thirteen rules for using humor, you’ll find a pathway to positive energy absolute charisma.
    • You’ll discover that humor isn’t just fun: It’s defined by the Laws of Learning as essential to data assimilation and retention.
    • You’ll learn how even unfunny people create entertaining presentations.
    • You’ll learn how to ensure that your audience enjoys your presentation as much as you do.
    • You’ll learn what types of humor are taboo–beyond the obvious types.
    • You’ll learn how to turn mistakes and adversity into positive, enjoyable experiences.
    • Learning Styles: A Refresher Course for Professional Trainers
      This section reviews the Instructional Design Process, Learning Objectives, the Laws of Learning, Maslow’s Hierarchy, and Student Defense Mechanisms

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      . You’ll learn how these concepts offer day-to-day solutions to common training challenges.

        • You’ll discover how these proven principles help you add color, variety, depth, and lasting interest to your lessons.
        • You’ll practice using scientific training methods, allowing their effective use to become second nature.
        • You’ll uncover ways to increase student awareness and involvement, and to avoid areas of adversity. Note: This section is normally provided only in the Presentation Skills for Professional Trainers workshop, as a substitute for “How to Organize Your Thoughts into a Compelling Message.”



              Two-day Workshop participants are videotaped twice; Each person receives his or her tape at graduation.

      The first videotaped presentation is replayed for in-class coaching; the second presentation is provided to the participant for personal evaluation.

      TSOD provides videotaping equipment and videotapes.

      Workshop Options

      Presentation Skills for Executives and Opinion Makers (Onsite training: 2 days)

      Presentation Skills for Professionals and Managers (Onsite training: 2 days)

      Presentation Skills for Training Professionals (Onsite training: 2 days)

      Presentation Skills for Sales Professionals (Onsite training: 2 days)

      One-day ”Short Course”

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