Road Warrior Extraordinaire Guides TSOD

Road Warrior Extraordinaire Guides TSOD

January 10, 2003

January 10, 2003

(Washington, DC)   Among its distinctions is the fact that Training Services On Demand has never missed a training program. Ever. For any reason.

Often, our customers go to great lengths to assemble a group for a learning program. We go to great lengths to ensure that it happens.

TSOD AirplaneIn 2002, we maintained that track record, but it wasn’t always easy.

“Perhaps our most memorable week of 2002 involved a flat tire in a rental car that didn’t have a jack,” said TSOD senior trainer Frank Whyte. “I’d flown 1,700 miles and driven 200 miles, only to find myself stranded in a remote outpost with no taxi service. For the first time, I had to ask my customer for a lift.”

That week’s adventure wasn’t limited to a defective rental car. From Sunday to Saturday, Whyte set foot in six states to conduct 22 hours of training on four topics. Along the way, he called four different hotels home, ate in 14 different restaurants, and found time to spool-up a new instructor on, of all things, time management training.

Whyte’s expertise on topics ranging from presentation skills to negotiation techniques to time management keeps him in demand as a training leader, but the travel insight he has accumulated is nearly as impressive.

“Travel lessons build day-by-day and week-by-week,” Whyte says. “Just when you think you have the landscape fully mapped, a new fissure forms.”

News outlets seeking insights on travel trends and techniques often quote Whyte, who pledges to write a book for professional road warriors. His first-person essay on air travel following the 9/11 tragedy was published in newspapers and magazines nationwide.

Whyte owes his travel savvy to twenty years on the road as a trainer and, before that, as a broadcast journalist. In support of his professions, he has earned commercial pilot and flight instructor licenses, and flies himself to destinations unreachable through the airline route system.

Even with that flexibility in travel options, Whyte nearly has been trumped several times by his perennial enemy: Bad weather.

“In my earliest days as a trainer, I once rode a Greyhound bus through an overnight blizzard to reach a seminar site,” Whyte says. “They got me there: Not quickly, but they got me there. I haven’t forgotten that, and I’ll never rule-out ‘the ground dog’ in getting the job done for our customers.”

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