Safety & Loss Control Team Benefits from TSOD Training

Safety & Loss Control Team Benefits from TSOD Training

Safety & Loss Control Team Benefits from TSOD Training

January 6, 2005

Texas Electric Cooperatives (TEC) Safety & Loss Control Team Benefits from TSOD Presentation Skills Training

January 6, sildenafil 2005

(Austin, Texas)   Training Services On Demand (TSOD) provided educator-oriented presentation skills training to safety trainers of Texas Electric Cooperatives, Inc.  Through a series of instructional sessions and videotaped practice presentations, participants refined and polished the skills associated with compelling presentations and training programs, including presentation planning, platform techniques, using audio/visuals, and interacting with the audience.  Additionally, participants received individualized coaching aimed at optimizing the effectiveness of onsite training.

Texas Electric Cooperatives (TEC) is a statewide organization dedicated to representing the interests of cooperative electric utilities in Texas and the member-consumers they serve.  Established in 1941 and based in Austin, TEC today represents 64 electric distribution cooperatives and the state’s 11 generation and transmission (G&Ts) cooperatives.

Training Services On Demand (TSOD) is a top-tier provider of training and employee development solutions.  TSOD provides onsite training at customer locations for complete teams, ensuring that its programs leverage team insights and produce team-oriented results.  The company’s seminars and workshops are available nationwide at fully bundled tuition rates.  Combining proven curricula, expert facilitators, and modest tuition schedules, TSOD ensures the availability of high-quality employee learning experiences to a growing, blue-clip client list.

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