Sexual Harassment Prevention and Diversity Workshops

Sexual Harassment Prevention and Diversity Workshops

April 10, 2006

Glasfloss Teams Nationwide Enjoy TSOD Sexual Harassment Prevention and Diversity Workshops

April 10, 2009

(Dallas, Texas)  Training Services On Demand (TSOD) is providing inclusive workplace training to Glasfloss supervisors, managers and team members nationwide, according to Marcia George, TSOD’s customer service director.  The training is being conducted onsite at Glasfloss locations at Dallas, Texas; Jacksonville, Florida; Juneau (Milwaukee), Wisconsin; Reno, Nevada; and Lancaster, Ohio.

“Companies with nationally dispersed training needs are some of our biggest fans,” Ms

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. George said.  “We offer a full complement of award-winning workshops at customer locations throughout the 48 contiguous United States without charging any travel fees.  When you combine quality training with predictable and customer-friendly pricing, you make a lot of friends in executive suites.”

TSOD’s Sexual Harassment workshops are regarded as the most progressive and effective programs of their type, using real-world scenarios to help bolster professionalism and respect in the workplace while maintaining a creative and collegial environment.  The workshops go beyond mere “legal standards” training programs to help employees navigate the gray areas where human resource issues typically develop.  TSOD’s “Discover Diversity” workshop uses video vignettes and interactive exercises to illustrate the emerging issues associated with employee multiculturalism.  Participants gain an appreciation for the respectful workplace standard: The attitudes and behaviors that define professionalism and appropriate conduct in the 21st-century American workplace.

Established in 1936, Glasfloss Industries has grown from a small, special-size air filter fabricator in New York City to a full-line manufacturer with plants strategically located throughout the United States.  Owned and operated by the same family since its founding, Glasfloss is the world’s oldest manufacturer of HVAC air filters.  Glasfloss produces air filtration products for a variety of industrial, commercial and residential applications, including panel, pleated, roll, and HEPA filters.

Training Services On Demand (TSOD) is a top-tier provider of training and employee development solutions.  TSOD provides onsite training at customer locations for complete teams, ensuring that its programs leverage team insights and produce team-oriented results.  The company’s seminars and workshops are available nationwide at fully bundled tuition rates and can be procured through the GSA Schedule. Combining proven curricula, expert facilitators, and modest tuition schedules, TSOD ensures the availability of high-quality employee learning experiences to a growing, blue-clip client list.

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