Sexual Harassment Prevention Course Description

Sexual Harassment Prevention Workshop Description

A Meaningful Approach to Creating a Respectful Work Environment…

Public Sexual Harassment Prevention Seminars for One Employee Before you sentence an employee to a public seminar, learn about Sexual Harassment Training risks & rewards.

Important: If You Do Business in California  Even if you have only a few employees or contractors in California, you may need to comply with California’s new Anti-Harassment Prevention Law (AB 1825).
Speak to your attorney for details, then speak with us about training.
Our interactive workshops fulfill AB 1825 requirements, and they’re available at your locations, in California, or nationwide.

      TSOD’s onsite Sexual Harassment Prevention workshops incorporate instructor-led discussions, role-plays, video vignettes and small-group exercises into a comprehensive treatment of this important topic.  These high-impact programs are available for your line-level employees or managers, and mixed groups are appropriate.

TSOD workshops stress the implications of Sexual Harassment.  Participants learn the potentially devastating consequences of offensive behavior, both to the company and to the offender.

When combined with a widely distributed sexual harassment policy and an effective reporting system, these Sexual Harassment Prevention programs may provide valuable protection to your organization under the “reasonable care” standard.

It’s Mandatory.  (But it doesn’t have to be a snore.)

      Our experienced facilitators work to maintain a positive environment, ensuring that nobody leaves your Sexual Harassment Prevention program under a dark cloud.  By working interactively and energetically with your group, we ensure that your Sexual Harassment Prevention training is non-threatening and enjoyable: Two key words associated with “effective training.”

The curriculum is uncommonly meaningful: We provide more than an off-limits laundry list.  Participants learn how others may interpret words, gestures, paraphernalia, and personal contact.  This gives attendees the ability to think-through the gray areas (where problems most frequently arise) and make correct choices.

sexual harassment prevention Participants learn what constitutes sexual harassment, and discover the forms of harassment that aren’t always obvious.  Using court cases and sample scenarios, participants come to recognize Quid Pro Quo harassment and how it differs from Hostile Work Environment harassment

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Participants learn that men may be harassed as well as women, that off-hour contact doesn’t end employees’ ethical responsibility, and that prime-time television doesn’t provide a good acceptability standard.

Above all, the workshop focuses on respect.  Using mutual consideration and professionalism as standards, this workshop helps employees adopt a high standard for workplace decorum: One that helps your organization avoid the consequences of offensive behavior.

Participants Learn…

  • Sexual harassment definitions and types: Why sexual harassment includes more than the obvious definitionssexual harassment prevention
  • The actions, words or items that can be associated with a hostile work environment
  • The consequences of sexual harassment: How careers and companies can be affected
  • Employee and supervisor roles in preventing, reporting, and mitigating sexual harassment
  • Discussion and Decision Exercises: video and scripted vignettes that clarify subtle issues
  • Your SHP Policy: What your company is doing to ensure a harassment-free work environment

Special Requirements For This Course…

    In advance of the program, your workshop facilitator will wish to review a copy of your Sexual Harassment Policy, and to be apprised (generally) of any sexual harassment complaints in the organization.

Additional Information

Specifications: Course Datasheet
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Public Sexual Harassment Seminars
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