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Public Seminars for Sexual Harassment Prevention: Proceed with Caution!

        By Frank Whyte, Chief Instructor
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Managers and Human Resources professionals regularly contact our training company inquiring about sending a single employee to a public seminar on Sexual Harassment Prevention.

That’s a frightening prospect.

Unless the person you want to send to the workshop has been convicted of a civil rights violation, do you really want to single-out one person for the disgrace of being “sentenced” to a public seminar?   Are you willing to accept the risk that the person sentenced to that training won’t sue your company (or you) for that overt humiliation?

I’m not a lawyer (and don’t even play one on TV), but I’m smart enough to know that, whenever a person’s career and their pride are injured, a lawsuit becomes a distinct possibility.

The bigger picture is this: if there’s at least one person in your organization who needs Sexual Harassment Prevention Training, there’s a need for training throughout your organization.   Very often, a single complaint of sexual harassment exposes a wider lack of knowledge of (or respect for) the whole concept of harassment.

If your organization doesn’t conduct regular Sexual Harassment workshops, you’re not only allowing dangerous viruses to spread, you’re putting your organization at risk for repeated legal issues.   And let’s be clear once again: it doesn’t make any sense to single-out suspected violators one-by-one after the harm is done.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training is an organization-wide undertaking, and, when combined with a solid, fully distributed Harassment Policy, it could help protect your organization from legal action under the “reasonable care” standard.   Again, nothing here is intended as legal advice, so check with your legal counsel for the best course of action.

Sometimes, Sexual Harassment Prevention Training is conducted in-house by an organization’s Human Resources or Training department.   This might be a splendid solution for your organization.

However, very often, we find that employees are more comfortable engaging in an interactive and productive discussion of the issues with an impartial facilitator who can bring new color and light to the topic.

Keeping the topic lively is a challenge, since Sexual Harassment isn’t the most engaging topic on the planet.   But it’s something we do every day, and it’s where we shine.

Our company provides Sexual Harassment Training that informs and motivates audiences.  We use realistic video vignettes and vivid graphics to stimulate meaningful discussions of this vital topic.   We create an atmosphere that perks interest and ensures real learning.

We recently provided six workshops at five nationwide locations for a well-known manufacturing company, whose response was, “…we’ve received nothing but positive feedback regarding the quality of the seminars and the professionalism of the instructor.”

The message is simple.  If one person in your organization needs Sexual Harassment Prevention Training, your organization needs Sexual Harassment Prevention Training.   That’s what we do, and we do it nationwide in an uncommonly compelling format, at highly competitive rates, without charging travel fees (or other nuisance add-on charges).

If you’re planning to send one person to Sexual Harassment Prevention Training, let’s talk about doing something much, much better.

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