Stress Management Course Description


Stress Management Training

Healthy Habits for High-Pressure Teams

A Half-day Stress Management Workshop that Helps Your Team:

  • Move past the emotional and interpersonal issues that often impede team productivity,
    Accept change by exploring the natural and predictable reactions to uncertainty,
  • stress managementManage interpersonal stressors by assessing conflict modes and revealing dispute resolution tactics,
  • Uncover the root cause of personal stressors—the hot buttons that are easy to avoid once they’re recognizable,
  • Develop solid stress coping skills, helping to boost morale and prevent burnout, and
  • Make commitments that support a healthy, productive lifestyle.

As Much Fun As You Can Have Discussing Stress

You’ll leave the course refreshed and energized!

The last thing a stressed employee needs is a dark, foreboding discussion of stress. This program sets a new standard for a positive, productive discussion of this vital topic. The program is interactive. It’s incredibly colorful. It’s actually. . . well. . . fun!

stress management slides The course graphics alone are noteworthy: more than 90 professionally designed audio/visuals featuring a diverse array of relaxing vistas. . . You’ll visit beaches, rainforests, and waterfalls as you progress through the curriculum content.

You’ll receive the Success Under Stress workbook, a 60-page, plain-language guide to stress management. You’ll receive expert advice from Frank Whyte, Ph.D. or one of his hand-picked facilitators.

You’ll make new, healthy commitments that benefit your career and your personal life.

You’ll graduate equipped for Success Under Stress!

A Perfect Complement to TSOD Time Management Training

Combining two great sessions gives your team a full day to refresh & recharge!

Because stress so frequently flows from time issues, Success Under Stress™ is designed to dovetail with Time Superstar™. This one-two punch gives your team the skills and insights they need to thrive in a fast-paced environment.

This half-day stress management program can be conducted in a standalone format, but we recommend it only in environments where refined time management practices already exist.

Additional Information

Course Datasheet: Links to In-depth Course Information

Print-Ready Time/Stress Workshop Brochure (pdf)

Time Management Complement Workshop

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