Team Building Course Description

Results-Oriented Team Building Programs

“I finally understand you.  I can work with you.”

We help teams close communication gaps, decrease friction, and increase camaraderie.

team_building_14 TSOD’s half-day and full-day workshops focus on improving professional relationships: Creating an atmosphere in which differing work styles aren’t barriers, but assets.

Appropriate for all types of teams, at all levels of an organization, TSOD Team Building programs recharge professional relationships without getting touchy-feely or wasting time.

You’ll gain astonishingly beneficial insights in a time-efficient, cost-effective, and uncommonly enjoyable package

Your team will benefit from:

  • Improved Communication through a revealing exploration of the different ways in which team members send and receive information,
  • Reduced Conflict, as the team gains the ability to recognize and minimize unnecessary clashes between dissimilar personality types,
  • Strengthened Management Effectiveness through an awareness of the various human needs and professional preferences within the team,
  • Decreased Stress, as your team discovers how to sidestep anxiety-generating and time-consuming interpersonal issues,
  • Better Team Relationships, Heightened Morale, and Greater Camaraderie, boosted by a lively team building session, and sustained by the healthy insights harvested in that program.


Add-On Workshops to Address Specific Needs

team_building_add_onYou can supplement your half-day team development program with a half-day enrichment program addressing
  Conflict Management, 
Team Communication, or 
Applied Team Building. 

These complementary workshops reinforce the core program content, add subject-specific insights, and encourage team-specific agreements.

It’s also possible to combine your half-day foundation workshop with a half-day
  Time Management or 
Stress Management program.

Whose Employees Already Benefit from TSOD Workshops?

More than 100 team-focused organizations, representing virtually every profession.  Some of our customers include:

Merial Ltd.
U.S. Army
Micro Focus
Celotex Trust
BEA Systems

U.S. Air Force
Petra Fashions
Swedish Match
Mellon Financial
Verizon Wireless
Hearthside Lending
L-3 Communications
CheckFree Corporation

Chicago Transit Authority
U.S. Department of Justice
U.S. Defense Security Service
U.S. Department of Commerce
Ohio National Financial Services
Federal Labor Relations Authority
Society of Industrial and Office Realtors
Telecom Risk Management Association
Center for Science in the Public Interest

Forward-thinking business, government, and association leaders work with TSOD time and again for ten important reasons, including…
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