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Refresh Your Commitments, Gain New Insights!

If it’s been more than six months since your original Team Building Workshop, it’s time for a checkup. Team Building Refresher programs boost retention and revitalize your team commitment, maximizing your investment in organizational development.

Without reinforcement, your team’s ability to use its new insights suffers greatly. Statistically, less than 20 percent of new learning remains useful after six months.

The good news is that refresher programs work. Not only will your team’s insights reawaken, you find that the essential concepts of Team Building will have greater longevity. Statistically, nearly 80 percent of new learning remains useful after a reinforcement session.

Grow Your Team Insight, Reinforce Your Team Commitment

Your Team Building Refresher will review the information from your original course, then expand upon it-providing practical ideas for using Team Building in your organization.

And you’ll receive team-specific counsel on your next steps… how to continue building your knowledge, using your insights, and applying your skills.

Orienting New Team Members

If your team has changed, we can provide an Team Building orientation program for the fresh faces on the same day as your Team Building Refresher Course. You’ll not only bring everybody up-to-speed on team strategies, you’ll benefit from generous repeat-customer and same-day scheduling discounts.

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