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Half-Day Team Building Program

team_building_9This popular workshop helps your team members communicate more effectively; it also addresses common causes of friction and stress within your group.

You’ll find this team building experience more results oriented (and less touchy feely) than any other program available.  It’s entertaining, refreshing, and motivating, but we avoid kid’s games in favor of delivering useful insights to your team.

To add even greater benefit to your team development experience, choose one of the supplementary programs (described below) to create a whole-day team recharge event….
[Team Building Workshop Description]

Half-Day Team Building for Executives

Similar to the above program—but modified to address the demands of senior managers—this workshop helps ensure more collegial relationships in the boardroom.  This highly effective, time-efficient team exercise can be combined with any add-on session (below) for a full day of needs-specific executive coaching..

[Executive Team Building Workshop Description]

Half-Day Add-on Workshop:team_building_add_on Applied Team Building

A highly recommended supplement to the ”core” programs described above, this interactive workshop gives your team insights and techniques essential to using interpersonal insights in a team environment…
[Applied Team Building Description]

Half-Day Add-on Workshop:Team Communication

The perfect add-on workshop for teams that need to communicate better, this program teaches communication processes and best practices. Your team will reach agreements that prevent communication disconnects…
[Team Communication Description]

Half-Day Add-on Workshop:Team Conflict Management

This add-on program helps each participant explore his or her natural reaction to conflict, and uses interactive exercises to achieve more productive, more appropriate methods of conflict resolution…
[Conflict Management Description]   

tsod_training_instructor_2Half-Day Team Building Refresher Program

Renew and reinforce your insights with this interactive workshop. Available exclusively to TSOD workshop graduates, this program should be scheduled three to nine months after the initial training session…
[Team Building Refresher Description]   

Team Leadership Workshops: Training for Managers

TSOD’s one- and two-day onsite Leadership Training programs use components of our Team Building workshops to help managers identify and use the correct management style with each team member…
[Team Leadership Description]       

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