They’ll Respect What Your Inspect – from TSOD R&D

They’ll Respect What Your Inspect – from TSOD R&D

They’ll Respect What Your Inspect

They'll Respect what you Inspect

They’ll Respect what you Inspect

I’ve been an employee, an employer, a student and an educator. I’ve been on all sides of the supervisor/supervised relationship. I was a pretty good employee which is how I became an employer and business owner but I was never as hard working as an employee as I was an employer.

Part of the reason is the difference between receiving a pay check as an employee versus the larger potential rewards as a business owner. But I found that I was a better worker, a harder worker when my work was inspected – regularly. Yes, I did want someone to brag on me but even when the compliments were few and the criticisms many, I worked harder knowing that my work would be looked at.

They Fail to Excel

The phrase “They’ll respect what you inspect,” is one that stuck with me as I transitioned from employer to employee. How often do workers fail to excel because their employers aren’t checking in regularly to assess the quality of their service or product? It is understandable that employees become lazy and careless when their, work when their efforts are not scrutinized. Surely some of them think: “After all if it doesn’t matter to the employer why should it matter to me?”

Employers who bank on employee’s strong work ethic as a substitute for regular work inspections will be disappointed time and again.  It is the rare worker who can continue to provide high-quality and quantity output without some input from their supervisor.  And the higher up the source of that input – from the president instead of the floor manager – the greater the effect on the worker.

Kenneth Blanchard’s One-Minute-Manager offers a story about effective and efficient management. The book does not mention this phrase though it’s implicit in the fictional manager’s approach. The book’s worth the read but if you don’t have time for that start genuinely inspecting your employee’s work. The employee will appreciate it and at length your business will too.


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