Time Management for Teams


Time Management for Teams

Results-Oriented Training to Boost Your EffectivenessTSOD’s half-day workshops benefit your team by:

  • Providing each participant with a revealing, scientific assessment that pinpoints opportunities for increased professional effectiveness,
  • time managementRevealing more than 100 easy-to-implement tactics for shaving minutes from daily activities, saving time for more meaningful pursuits,
  • Motivating participants to create and achieve new goals in both their personal and professional lives,
  • Exploring the Time Superstar™, a five-point system for developing effective professional habits, and
  • Empowering participants to create a personalized learning experience that they’ll reinforce through small-group brainstorming.

During professionally guided ”imagineering” sessions, your team will create customized productivity solutions that enhance morale and add value to your organization, now and in the future.
Programs to Benefit Your Team, Specifically

Conducting an onsite time management program for your team:

  • Ensures that you’ll benefit from team-specific conclusions. You won’t sit in a one-size-fits-all hotel seminar designed for the slowest learner in the city.
  • time managementReduces your bottom-line cost considerably, as compared to the expense of shipping employees to hotel seminars one-by-one.
  • Allows all participants to enjoy new insights and abilities, regardless of what calendar system or PDA they use. Our programs are designed to enhance your effectiveness, not as a sales pitch for a specific product.
  • Saves time, since you’ll graduate from an uncommonly effective learning experience in just four hours. And yes—we know what you’re thinking—it’s ironic that the time management seminars concocted in the 1970’s and 1980’s still entail two days of lectures.

Proven Results, Guaranteed Reliability

We’ll work with your group of 10 or more persons—at your location—to create time management solutions you’ll value.

training services on demand clock You’ll enjoy a proven training program, customized for your team, by your team, benefiting your team.

TSOD’s Time Superstar™ program is popular nationwide, as companies such as Verizon, VF Corporation, and Bristol-Myers Squibb work with us to boost organizational effectiveness through a team approach to time management.

Time Management is one of our most popular ”repeat customer” programs, and for a good reason: When we help a team member reclaim twenty minutes of daily productivity, that team member repays the investment with two weeks of new productivity each year.

Imagine the bottom-line results for a full team!
Additional Information

Course Datasheet: Links to In-depth Course Information

Print-Ready Time/Stress Workshop Brochure (pdf)

Stress Management Complement Workshop

Pricing & Scheduling for Your Team

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