TSOD Racks-Up Eight-Year Reliability Record

TSOD Racks-Up Eight-Year Reliability Record

TSOD Racks-Up Eight-Year Reliability Record

January 1, 2009

January 1, viagra generic 2009

(Washington DC)   The “On Demand” part of Training Services On Demand (TSOD: tsod.com) means that the company travels virtually nonstop, visiting customer locations from the mountains to the prairies to the oceans white with foam, according to Marcia George, the company’s customer service director.

“We take our responsibility very seriously, ” Ms. George said. “Companies often have only one chance to round-up a dispersed team for training, and they call upon us to make it happen.”

They’ve made it happen successfully hundreds of times in the past 96 months: TSOD is celebrating its eighth consecutive year without missing a scheduled training program for any reason.

“We’ve run across our share of hurdles,” Ms. George said. “Already this winter, when air and road travel in the southwest was slammed by a freak winter storm that shuttered the Las Vegas airport, we were traveling through the region on a series of tight deadlines. But through exploits reminiscent of the movie ‘Planes, Trains & Automobiles,’ we made every seminar.”

“Our facilitators aren’t nominated for our road-warrior hall of fame until they’ve rebuilt their wardrobe at a 24-hour Walmart after an airline vanished their luggage,” said Frank Whyte, TSOD’s chief instructor. “We view polyester sport coats as war trophies.”

True globetrotters aren’t too proud for overnight bus rides or $600 taxi trips, if that’s what it takes to make sure the show goes on, according to Whyte. “The real secret is having a backup plan for every well-conceived travel plan,” Whyte said. “It’s rare that we have to get really creative, but it happens.”

The cost for creative solutions, such as the time a snowbound faculty member purchased a used four-wheel-drive truck, comes out of TSOD’s flat-rate fee. “We promise customers two things up front,” Ms. George said. “First is an all-inclusive training price, and second is that we’ll be there as promised. Any challenge along the way belongs to us.”

Training Services On Demand is a growing training and employee development contractor successfully working across corporate, government, and association markets. The company conducts interactive workshops at customer locations for complete teams, ensuring that its programs leverage team insights and produce team-oriented results. From its base near Washington DC, TSOD operates nationwide, providing courses on team building, team leadership, time management, stress management, presentation skills, business writing, and several other popular topics. TSOD also is the parent company of LegalTalk Radio.

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