Slow Encouragement

Slow Encouragement Progress is often slow – that’s true perhaps even most of the time. But when the effort begins to pay off that encouragement…

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The Value of Looking Forward

January 15, 2015

The Value of Looking Foward Periodically I stop by historic sites and ponder the efforts of those who’ve brought us to this point in our…

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Incremental Thinking

January 14, 2015 ,

Incremental Thinking Parkinson’s laws states: “The amount of work expands to fill the time available for completion.” If you have five minutes to do something,…

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The Oxymoronic Connection Between Humor and Terror

January 13, 2015 , , ,

“There’s nothing funny about that, ”  a phrase too true about too many serious things these days.  But there is a connection sometimes between the…

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TSOD Provides Team Building For Cornerstone Financial Solutions

Mitchell, SD Training Services On Demand (TSOD) provided a day long team building and team communications skills workshop for Cornerstone Financial Solutions Employees of Huron…

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Being an Excellent Substitute

When I was in high school we loved having a substitute teacher. They were often clueless about the lessons we’d been working on and were…

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“Mind Over Matter” Mostly Doesn’t Work

I had an attorney friend who told me that a particularly concerning legal issue I was facing was all mind over matter. “If you don’t…

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Mid Year Resolution

Your New Year’s Resolution: A Jump Start For June with a Mid Year Resolution. Cause chances are you’re not going to make it. More than…

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