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Can just one or two people attend a ''public'' program?

No; We don't offer public "open enrollment" programs.

Our team-oriented workshops provide team-specific benefits. These benefits—essential to the success of team building—wouldn't be possible in a public seminar.

Do you provide team development for government?

We're very experienced with government procurement.

Training Services On Demand:
• Is registered with Central Contractor Registration (CCR),
• Maintains a major business unit in the Washington DC suburbs, and provides nationwide service,
• Offers services at all-inclusive rates, eliminating the need for open-ended purchase orders, and
• Maintains a 100 percent reliability rate for government training programs.

To schedule a government training workshop, contact a training advisor.

How much does a team building workshop cost?

Tuition rates involve several considerations.

It's important for us to understand your employee development needs so that we can work with you to deliver the most time and cost-effective training solution.

To inquire about scheduling a training program at your location, for your employee team, contact us.

How much do you charge for travel/expenses?

$0.00, every time. Your all-inclusive tuition includes free instructor travel and free participant materials. You'll benefit from a predictable and economical investment in team development.

If you wish to learn more about this fully bundled tuition policy, click here.

What's the minimum effective team size?

Generally, at least 7 - 10 persons should be involved in a team building program. Although we sometimes work with smaller groups, experience shows that very small groups may lack the diversity of perspective required for effective interaction. In addition, per-person tuition rates may prove impractical for very small groups.

We are flexible on this point, and recommend that you contact us to discuss your specific circumstances.

What's the maximum team size?

There is no maximum enrollment for our team building programs. However, experience shows that the effectiveness of a program may be diluted when more than 35 - 40 persons participate.

To ensure individualized interaction, we recommend that very large groups be broken into smaller, consecutive sessions.

What's included in the cost?

In addition to facilitating your team building program, TSOD:

• Provides MBTI® assessments for each member of your team, scores the assessments returned to us, and publishes customized profiles for those participants.

• Provides pens, note pads, table tents and graduation certificates for participants.

• Arranges and pays for all instructor travel and incidental expenses. (See our Flat-Rate Tuition Policy.)

• Provides checklists to assist in your planning.

Simply put, TSOD provides a turnkey employee development solution: You only need to provide participants and training space.

What will I need to provide?

We'll ask you to provide appropriate learning space for the group (with some basic classroom furnishings, such as flipcharts & markers, a projection screen, etc.).

We won't ask for anything exotic . . . If we need a left-handed snooglefoid wrench, we'll bring it along.

How do I select a date?

TSOD works year-round, seven days per week, to ensure that high-quality training is available for your team. Please contact us to check current date availability.

Please note that dates are reserved on a first-come basis. Date availability is subject to change until a Service Agreement is signed by you and countersigned by us. Dates cannot be reserved by any means other than Service Agreement completion.

Often, we find that the challenge of choosing an "everybody's available" date is best overcome by simply biting the bullet: Decide on a training date, and let participants know that they need to attend on that date. This may be the only sure way to schedule training within a fast-moving organization.

What's in the contract?

TSOD Service Agreements are simple and fair agreements that confirm your training date and your tuition.

Your tuition includes two components: A "Preparation Fee" and the remainder of the tuition. The Preparation Fee is due upon Service Agreement signing, and the remaining balance is due within 30 days of workshop completion.

If you cancel, you may be responsible for part or all of your tuition payment; See your Service Agreement for specific details. If we cancel, you will pay nothing. (Incidentally, our three-year reliability rate is 100 percent!)

Because the Service Agreement is a simple and mutually beneficial contract, it is quite acceptable to the vast majority of contracting and procurement officers.

To begin the workshop scheduling process, contact a training advisor. If you've already discussed rates & dates with the TSOD staff, you can use the Express Scheduling page to request a service agreement.

How can I pay?

Your tuition includes two components: A "Preparation Fee" and the remainder of the tuition. The Preparation Fee is due upon Service Agreement signing, and the remaining balance is due within 30 days of workshop completion.

The vast majority of our customers pay by check. We also accept Visa, MasterCard and Government Purchase Cards. Credit card payments are accepted on a TSOD Transmittal Form, which is available to customers upon request. We don't accept American Express or Discover.

Can I send just one or two persons to a TSOD training program? Do you have publicly scheduled courses?

TSOD does not conduct any seminars open to the general public.

We schedule training programs for groups only.

Can I purchase TSOD's training curriculum or courseware?

TSOD does not sell its workshop materials.

Books related to the topics we teach are sold here.

How can I apply for a job with TSOD?

We do not accept employment inquiries though our Internet or telephone customer service systems.

Internet or telephone solicitations are charged our prevailing consulting rate ($300/minimum).

We never make exceptions to this policy.

How can I sell products or services to TSOD?

We do not accept sales inquiries though our Internet or telephone customer service systems.

Internet or telephone solicitations are charged our prevailing consulting rate ($300/minimum).

We never make exceptions to this policy.

How can I get a training course listed on this web site?

TSOD does not offer advertising or ''course listing'' services.

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