Conflict Management Workshops


Understand, Minimize, and Resolve Conflict

This team building supplement identifies the sources of team conflict, decreases team adversity and opposition, and increases the use of collaborative techniques.

As part of the learning experience, each participant discovers the way in which he or she normally handles conflict, and how conflict-coping methods can be adapted to become more appropriate, diplomatic, and productive.

This program is recommended for:

  • Newly-formed teams,
  • Teams experiencing heightened levels of stress or adversity, and
  • Executive or high-visibility teams in which unchecked conflict would prove disastrous.

How You’ll Benefit

Conflict ManagementTeam conflicts, like weeds, must be eliminated at the root level. Surface-level treatments just don’t last.

This workshop intentionally sets-aside any existing conflicts to explore how conflicts arise, how we react to them, and how they are best managed.

Armed with insights gleaned from the core Team Building Workshop, plus an awareness of personal conflict style gained from this workshop, the use of case studies and team exercises to:

  • Consider the interpersonal and behavioral styles associated with team conflict,
  • Define the extent and nature of existing team conflict,
  • Consider the underlying source possibilities for existing team conflict,
  • Determine whether conflict is being expressed appropriately or counterproductively,
  • Define team practices for managing and responding to conflict, and
  • Set goals for converting differences into a collaborative and productive team decision-making process.

Who Should Attend

Who Should Attend Conflict ManagmentTeam Conflict Management is most appropriate for competent work teams experiencing heightened levels of conflict or interpersonal friction. This half-day program is conducted as a complement to a TSOD half-day Team Building or Executive Retreat workshop.

Some teams (particularly senior management groups) that have not yet experienced significant conflict use this course as a preventative measure.

This program is intended for functional or potentially functional teams; it shouldn’t be used to redress a particular employee’s incompetence or systemic belligerence.

Other TSOD team building add-on programs address the Team Building Strategies within teams and Team Communication practices.

The Workshop Experience

This course is highly interactive, eliciting group feedback through professionally facilitated discussions, case-study exercises, and actual team scenarios.

We’ll supply all materials and complete instructions prior to the workshop.

We highly recommend that this workshop be conducted offsite, that discussions remain confidential (aside from goals and treaties), and that only an affiliated team and its direct supervisor attend each workshop.


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