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Leave your children and grand children more than money… leave them a video legacy!

Persist Images | Child holding fingerBe an encourager

You know the things you’ve learned. Not the platitudes of the day, but life-lessons. What would you give to hear words of wisdom from a trusted friend who’s passed on, or a grandparent reminding you that they too faced difficulties and how they overcame them?

That’s where I got that!

Have you ever talked with a parent, or even a child and learned you both had the same view of things, the same likes, dislikes, or even an allergy? These are just some of the things you can offer in your 3 to 5 minute messages—directed, crafted



Death isn’t the end …

Yes, it’s a fact, you’re going to die. While it’s painful to be so blunt, sometimes we have to be reminded of that fact. Insurance companies have been doing this for years. And while we’d love to provide for our loved ones, we often don’t have the means—or the foresight—to give them what they really need: A professionally recorded and directed video message expressing …

  • Your thoughts
  • Your encouragement
  • Your experiences
  • Your feelings

Persist Images | Man in front of church Persist Images Green screen shootGreen Screen Technology

Persist Images Green Screen Technology allows images to be seen behind you as you speak to the future. You select the backgrounds:

  • A child
  • Your business
  • Your church
  • Your first school

PI counselors

Persist Images will record your heart-felt mes-sages for delivery to family members after you’re gone.

  • A special message to each child
  • The lessons you learned
  • How your coworkers supported you
  • How your spouse made your heart beat faster

We’ll work with you,

  • Guiding your comments
  • Presenting your best look
  • Taking time for do-overs—until the message is just right
  • allowing you final approval for a message that will make you proud
  • of what you say, how you look
  • This gift to the future

Don’t put this off

No matter how you see yourself, there’s no one like you. When you’re gone, something special will be lost.
Wouldn’t it be interesting for your great, great, great grandchildren to see and hear from you years and years from now?


It’s Surprisingly Affordable!

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