Our Approach to Training

We focus on results. 

Although many of our courses fall into the “soft skills” training domain, we don’t believe in soft results.  Through proven curricula and stimulating, interactive teaching methods, we facilitate workshops that add lasting value.

We focus on enjoyment. 

We strongly believe in the Law of Effect: That a pleasant learning experience is far more influential than a less vivid experience.  We combine expert instruction, state-of-the-art visual media, and finely crafted courseware to ensure that your training investment pays for itself many times over.

Our Approach To TrainingWe focus on efficiency. 

We distill meaningful information into condensed and economical learning experiences.  We respect your investment in employee education, and strive to save you time and money.

We focus on our customers. 

We work closely with our customers, often forming long-term relationships as true partners in organizational development.  Approximately two-thirds of our customers are repeat customers, with whom we fulfill both strategic and tactical roles in team training.

And we include everything. 

Your training investment includes high-quality student materials, professional facilitation, and state-of-the-art a/v presentations.  You won’t pay extra for anything—not even instructor travel, expenses, or material shipping.  Your tuition is predictable, all-inclusive, and flat-rated throughout the 48 contiguous United States.

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