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Winning Instantly With Clients

You can win instant trust and goodwill with a client by giving them more than they’re asking for. Give a bit more on price if possible – or be creative in finding more value. The secret is to get ahead of the client in benefiting them.


Elevator vs. Steps

You can save time by climbing two sets of stairs rather than waiting on the elevator? It can also help you in other ways.


Grouping Inbox by From and Delete

At the beginning of your day filter your inbox by “from.” This will speed the time it takes to delete those unwanted or old emails.


Have it Your Way

One of the most disdained responses to conflict is the Thomas-Kilmann “Accommodating” mode. While clearly not appropriate for most problems it can be very useful in generating good will and for solutions to issues that can be changed later if necessary.


Let it Be

While few admit it the Thomas-Kilmann “Avoiding” conflict mode is a legitimate and oft–used form of handing disputes. This method is best applied when a “cooling off” period is called for, when others should handle the problem or with trivial concerns. The trick is to use the mode when appropriate and not as a default.


My Way or the Highway

Sometimes it’s necessary to use the Thomas-Kilmann “Competing” conflict mode. This is tantamount to an order. The military is rife with “competing” resolutions to conflict. But businesses that need a fast and firm resolution to a dispute may find this uncomfortable approach the best for specific situations.

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