Meet The TSOD Staff

Training Services On Demand features the nation’s most talented and insightful employee enrichment professionals.

Our FacilitatorsOur facilitators come from all walks of life, but they all have four important qualifications:

  • First, they are worldly wise, with advanced degrees and significant professional accomplishments.
  • Second, they are extraordinary communicators with the rare talent and experience needed to deliver value to their workshop participants.
  • Third, they all have a great sense of humor, which is essential.
  • Fourth, they don’t just provide information; they provide solutions.

We’re grateful to our customers for their consistent and overwhelming accolades regarding our team.

Meet The TSOD Staff

Workshop Facilitators

Tim SharpTim Sharp is the owner and Director of Curriculum for Training Services on Demand. Since its inception, has served clients such as Cisco, Verizon, GE, Boeing, Walter Reed Medical Center, every branch of the U.S. Military, government agencies at every level and various educational institutions.

Tim is both a certified sexual harassment prevention trainer and writes many of the R&D posts for TSOD. He is a graduate of Fairmont State University with a BA in education and Marshall University with an MA in Broadcasting.

Tim is also a lecturer with the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University and a writer for the College of Communication.

He has been a reporter, anchor, news director and editor for affiliates of NBC, CBS and ABC and has worked as a newspaper and radio journalist during his more than 30-year career.

As an educator he has served as an adjunct for West Virginia State University, the University of Charleston, West Virginia University at Parkersburg and Salem International University.


Jeff ThalJeff Thal is a facilitator and one of our developers. He lives in Lancaster, PA. He’s been with TSOD since 2005 and has conducted workshops in a number of different disciplines, including HR issues, media and communications, and sales and customer service. He’s also the primary developer of our Business Writing and Customer Service workshops. Jeff was the creator and executive producer of The Larry King Show; and served in program management, media, and communications positions for the Federal Aviation Administration. He developed the agency’s Aviation Education Outreach program.




Dr. Teri CombsTeri Combs, Ph.D. Transforming Passion into a Career . . . Teri has combined more than 10 years of consulting, 10+ years of managing, and a PhD in training and development into a career consulting on management training and organizational development. As an external consultant she worked in manufacturing in 38 states; as an independent consultant and internal consultant she has experience with higher education, social services, volunteer groups, law enforcement, financial, medical, mental health, and government institutions. Working with organizations to invest in employee development, improve skills and knowledge, and increase employee engagement is a rewarding and fulfilling experience for her.




hollywilsonHolly Wilson is the daughter of the owner and Director, Tim Sharp. She worked with British Telecom in both Virginia and Florida. She is now handling social media marketing, and will be the one to complain to if there are problems. Holly is extremely talented and as soon as her duties as a mother of two allow her, she’ll be handling some of the programs on the west coast and points west.






Kelly BallardKelly Ballard is loved by those she teaches. She was the first facilitator to be contracted by TSOD under the new ownership. Kelly developed the training program for British Telecom in the US before coming to TSOD. She lives in Boston.







terrywilliamsTerry Williams teaches sexual harassment prevention, team building, presentation skills and stress management. He’s been with, LLC since moving to Athens County, Ohio in 2012. In addition to Terry’s work with TSOD he consults on computer networking and runs an aerial construction photography company in West Virginia. Terry is also involved with another company somewhat connected to TSOD, Persist Images which has been under a contract on a project with the US Army Corp of Engineers for the last three years. That contract is very nearly concluded which will free him up to do more work with TSOD.




Dru EvartsDru Riley Evarts, Ph.D., long-time professor of journalism at one of the foremost journalism schools in the country, has joined the training team of as a top-tier business writing trainer. She brings decades of writing experience to the TSOD program.
As a tenured professor at Ohio University, Dru became known as “Conan the Grammarian” by her students.
When it comes to writing, Dru has done it all: reporter, writer and editor at some of the nation’s most important newspapers including the Chicago Tribune and the Miami Herald.




Raymond ShulstadRaymond A. Shulstad, Ph.D. Ray is an independent consultant to industry and government for a broad range of topics including organizational management & leadership, business development, research & development, and system engineering & acquisition. He is a retired Air Force general and industry corporate officer with over 20 years of executive level experience in leadership and management.

His publications include a 1986 book, Peace is My Profession, that deals with the moral dimensions of U.S. nuclear policy. More recently, he has published several landmark articles on leadership and management. And, he is the author of a new, highly acclaimed book, Golden Nuggets: A Practitioner’s Reflections on Leadership, Management and Life, which is a compendium of time tested, proven principles and best practices derived from his 45 year professional career with the Air Force and industry. Ray is the latest addition to our team of excellent facilitators.



Megan MoseleyMegan Moseley. Megan heads up the TSOD Hawaii service location in Hilo. She’s well known in America’s 50th state as a communication specialist working with the media and in statewide economic development. She offers facilitation in Team Building, Professionalism in the Workplace, Diversity, Business Writing, Social Media and Media Management. She has worked in higher education training students in writing and reporting while drawing upon her experience as a content manager for an NPR/PBS affiliate in Ohio. She has also served as a community journalist in Florida before coming to Hawaii.




fwhyteIn Loving Memory of Frank J. Whyte

“Training is a waste of time if people don’t learn how to use the information.”

Working from that simple credo, Frank Whyte built a growing constituency of clients who appreciate his end-result-oriented approach to employee development.

Whyte owed his practical perspective to his early training as a professional engineer. From there, his career evolved through the spectrum of communication… He served as a broadcast journalist for nearly a decade, and later applied those practiced communication skills to public relations.

His love of the written word, the spoken word, visual communication, and professional development came together when he began his corporate training career in the late 80’s. Since then, he has facilitated more than 1,000 adult-education programs. He was a co-founder and principal of Training Services On Demand.

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