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Training Services On Demand (TSOD) is a training service that enhances employee productivity and employee relationships for large companies and government agencies. We provide thought-stimulating workshops on topics such as team building, stress management, time management, and more. It is the country’s most respected onsite training and employee development contractor.

We facilitate seminars and workshops at customer locations for complete teams, ensuring that our programs leverage team insights and produce team-oriented results. Although many of our courses fall into the “soft skills” training domain, we don’t believe in soft results.

Here are four of our most asked for workshops:


We help teams close communication gaps, decrease friction, and increase camaraderie.[...]


TSOD's instructional designers engineered these courses to ensure that you and your team gain [...]


TSOD's half-day Success Under Stress™ Training Program includes everything you'll need [...]

Sexual Harassment Prevention

TSOD’s onsite Sexual Harassment Prevention workshops incorporate instructor-led discussions[...]

Training Services On Demand facilitators come from all walks of life, but they all have three important qualifications:

  • First, they are worldly wise, with advanced degrees and significant professional accomplishments.
  • Second, they are extraordinary communicators with the rare talent and experience needed to deliver value to their workshop participants.
  • Third, they all have a great sense of humor, which is essential.
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Combining our proven curricula, the nation’s most respected workshop facilitators, and modest tuition schedules, Training Services On Demand (TSOD) ensures the availability of high-quality employee learning experiences to a growing, blue-chip client list.

Your training investment includes high-quality student materials, professional facilitation, and state-of-the-art a/v presentations. You won’t pay extra for anything—not even instructor travel, expenses, or material shipping. Your tuition is predictable, all-inclusive, and flat-rated throughout the 48 contiguous United States.


Our nationwide presence and ever-expanding inventory of high-quality seminars enables us to partner with you on today’s needs and tomorrow’s plans.


The top ten reasons respected corporations and government agencies choose Training Services On Demand for Team Training:


1: Proven Training Programs

Our seminars take a results-oriented approach to employee development.

We've refined our training systems and constantly updated our curricula over the course of decades to ensure that your seminar or workshop is uncommonly effective.

We believe in creating a positive learning environment, and make no apologies for the fact that our programs often are described as "entertaining."

But we don't believe in fluff; we pack a tremendous amount of usable information into every training program, and the results speak for themselves: A substantial part of our business is repeat business.

2: Cost-Saving Bundled Pricing

We differ from other training providers by guaranteeing your course tuition in advance.

That means we don't heap additional charges onto your invoice: We believe you shouldn't have to predict—or pay for—things like instructor travel, student materials, or miscellaneous expenses.

This takes the guesswork out of planning your training program, and usually reduces your expenditure as compared to the common "cost-plus" pricing method.

Our all-inclusive tuition structure is particularly appealing to contracting officers who need to use a reliable quote.

3: Uncommon Instructor Experience

TSOD course leaders are experts in their fields. They have significant, relevant professional experience preceding their selection into our cadre.

In addition to outstanding professional and academic credentials, our course facilitators exhibit uncommon communication skills. All have extensive speaking and writing credentials.

We never hire "any-subject-for-a-buck" public speakers. Experience proves that in-depth subject matter expertise is pivotal to the success of a learning experience.

4: Easy Course Scheduling

We make scheduling your training program as effortless as possible.

Since we provide virtually everything except classroom space and students, working with TSOD is a turnkey proposition.

After signing a very simple and straightforward Service Agreement, we'll take care of the instructors, student materials, and most of the logistical details. We'll even provide you with preparation checklists to ensure that no question goes unanswered.

Through bundled pricing and simplified procurement, TSOD ensures that scheduling a training program is an easy checkmark on your to-do list.

5: Time Efficient Learning Experiences

Interestingly, every one of our seminars and workshops is shorter than it used to be. We're merciless in streamlining our workshops to ensure that your employee development time is invested wisely.

We understand and respect the time commitment involved in gathering your team for training, and we're expert at making every second count.

During our seminars and workshops, you'll never wonder why a particular discussion is relevant or useful: It's all relevant and useful.

And we conclude each of these fast-paced learning experiences with advice and action plans to ensure that your new insights are put to good use.

6: High-Quality Texts and Audio/Visuals

Our instructional designers strongly believe in leveraging all communication channels. That's why every TSOD seminar and workshop includes valuable take-away texts and vivid in-class graphics.

We use state-of-the-art design systems to ensure that you receive the most informative, compelling, and motivating learning experience possible. We even provide pens and note paper to make sure you don't miss a word.

Instructional technology has advanced significantly in recent years, and we're leading the way in using that progress.

7: Guaranteed Reliability

Excuse us for a moment while we knock wood: TSOD has never missed a scheduled training program.

Our instructors have traveled overnight on Greyhound buses through blizzards, patched flat tires in remote desert outposts, and flown jumpseat on cargo jets to reach their destinations during challenging times.

This isn't to say that we'll never miss a program. Someday, we'll encounter the immovable object. But historically, we're an irresistible force of respect for your schedule.

We know that your investment in training involves people, not just tuition. We do everything humanly possible to live-up to your expectations.

8: Team-Oriented Training

TSOD training programs aren't offered in hotels as walk-in seminars. We work exclusively with teams, and we do it for two reasons:

• First, it's much more meaningful to expose all team members to the same information, engage all team members in the same discussions, and reach conclusions relevant to that team.

• Second, it's more efficient to bring an instructor to your location than to deliver your team members to remote locations.

Our team-oriented approach to employee development is more effective and more economical, and our customers expect nothing less.

9: Nationwide Service

Many of our customers have branches in several locations. TSOD is unique in its ability to serve multiple locations at bundled, all-inclusive rates.

Through our relationships with airlines and other travel vendors, we can offer flat-rate pricing nationwide.

That means that our customers can deliver the same message to various employee groups at a predictable cost.

10: Online Resources

TSOD's comprehensive internet portal ( provides 24/7 access to course information and customer service.

Through this uncommonly informative online resource, our customers can research training options and gain valuable insights on the appropriate approach to their training needs.

Contracted customers also have access to our Customer Resource section, which provides checklists, background materials and recommended text for course announcements.

Through, we ensure that our customers have the information and resources to make the best decisions for their employee development programs.


Seminars and Workshops:

Team Building

We help teams close communication gaps, decrease friction, and increase camaraderie.[...]

Presentation Skills

TSOD's Presentation Skills training programs help your public image reflect the genius of [...]

Time Management

TSOD's instructional designers engineered these courses to ensure that you and your team gain [...]


All managers need methods. Leaders need to know the most effective techniques for guiding [...]

Media Relations

Bring proven media relations skills to your organization and benefit from a healthy [...]

Stress Management

TSOD's half-day Success Under Stress™ Training Program includes everything you'll need [...]

Business Writing

Other professionals are evaluating your team based upon your use of the language.

HR Solutions

Onsite Training Programs:
Sexual Harassment Prevention & Diversity

More Courses

AdvanTeam™ Team Building, Convention Mini-Seminars, MBTI®-based Team Building [...]


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