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The Time Superstar™ Course Guide

The unique tips, ideas, and advice in this publication aren’t available in any store at any price. TSOD’s Time Superstar™ Course Guide is available only to workshop participants.

time_management_book The Course Guide contains a thorough examination of Time Management information that you’ll continue to use long after the course. You’ll discover how effective people allocate their time and set goals. Then, you’ll find an array of proven, practical ways to recover valuable minutes and hours from every phase of your life.

Best of all, you’ll customize this interactive text during your Time Management Workshop, allowing you to leave the program with an immediate game plan for the effective use of time.

Contents include:

  • Your Time Assessment: Where You Stand in Time Effectiveness,
  • How Time Is Lost, and How Successful People Avoid Those Losses,
  • The Five Critical Areas in Which You Need to Invest More Time,
  • How to Set Goals, Prioritize, and Convert Plans into Reality,
  • How and When to Invest in Recharge Relaxation,
  • 100 Great Ideas: Instant Opportunities to Boost Your Effectiveness, and
  • Your Ready-to-Personalize Action Plan for Making the Most of Your Life

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