Wilhelmsen Ship Management Leadership Team Building

Wilhelmsen Ship Management Leadership Team Building

March 8, 2011

TSOD Provides Team Building for Wilhelmsen Ship Management Leadership Team

March 8, 2011

(Pasadena, Texas)   Training Services On Demand provided Team Building training for managers at Wilhelmsen’s facility on the outskirts of Houston.  Participants gained a heightened awareness of themselves and their colleagues: How they naturally communicate, form relationships, and make decisions.  By creating a deeper understanding of the personalities within the team, participants graduated from the program equipped to build trust and work toward a higher level of team effectiveness.

Wilhelmsen Ship Management (previously known as Barber Ship Management) is one of the world’s largest providers of third-party ship management services.  With an extensive range of solutions to all vessel segments on a global level, Wilhelmsen can offer technical management, crew management and training, technical consultancy, insurance, commercial management, engineering consultancy and IT solutions.  Wilhelmsen Ship Management is a division of Wilhelmsen Maritime Services, which combines ship management services with port services, logistics, marine equipment and products to offer efficient solutions to the global maritime industry

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