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Applied Team Building Workshops

Bring Team-Specific Meaning to Your Results

Applied Team Building further clarifies and “makes real” the day-to-day application of the core Team Building Workshop insights.

Participants discover the application of personality differences:

  • In written and verbal communication,
  • During times of conflict and change, and
  • In various workplace relationships: peer-to-peer, supervisor-to-subordinate, and internal-external team.

This add-on is recommended for teams committed to respecting and leveraging interpersonal differences to forge productive, cooperative teams.

How You’ll Benefit

  • How the team currently communicates, and what challenges should be overcome,
  • How different personality types tend (or perhaps need) to communicate,
  • How You'll BenefitWhat communication pitfalls are associated with each personality type,
  • How different personality types perceive and react to conflict,
  • Which conflict ground rules are most appropriate for your team,
  • How team members perceive and react to change,
  • Why both positive and negative change creates a team challenge,
  • What stages your team will experience when confronted with change,
  • How various work and personal preferences affect team relationships, and
  • How you can predict and overcome interpersonal barriers to productivity, collaboration, cohesiveness and true team functionality.

Recommended for All TSOD Team Building Participants

This could be described as a general reinforcement workshop, taking the results of the core workshop to a new level of day-to-day practicality. It addresses communication and conflict, but not in the specific detail of our team communication and conflict management add-on workshops.

The program is highly recommended to reinforce and quantify the results of the core Team Building Workshops.

The Workshop Experience

This course is highly interactive, eliciting group feedback through professionally facilitated discussions, case-study exercises, and actual team scenarios.

We’ll supply all materials and complete instructions prior to the workshop.


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