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Team Leadership

Onsite workshops for Your Leadership Team

Employees need more than bosses… They need mentors: Professionals skilled at assessing employee development needs and committed to guiding employees toward professional success.

TSOD’s Team Leadership Workshop provides managers with proven techniques for effective personnel management. By helping leaders understand and address their employees’ requirements, this interactive seminar offers significant benefit to managers at all levels. New supervisors gain a solid grounding in the concept of ”leadership, ” while more experienced managers refresh their commitment to teaching and coaching their team members.

This training program provides healthy perspectives for managers at all levels, making it an ideal morale-boosting leadership development experience for mixed groups of front-line supervisors and senior staff members.

leadership_training_1Leadership Training for Your Success

All managers need methods. Leaders need to know the most effective techniques for guiding teams, mentoring individuals, and validating the results. Without solid methods, managers will revert use a one-size-fits-all approach to leadership that reflects the leader’s personality, rather than the employees’ needs.

Committed, mentoring leadership is essential to employee morale, productivity, and retention.

A Results-Oriented Training Program

TSOD’s Team Leadership Workshop provides proven methods and procedures for successful people management. Participants receive a step-by-step plan for guiding each employee toward success.

This workshop includes elements of Frank Whyte’s nationally respected Team Building Workshops, expanding upon that foundation to help leaders:


  • Recognize each employee’s personality preferences and supervisory needs,
  • Align their leadership style with those of their bosses, colleagues, and subordinates,
  • Develop competent and committed employees by mentoring and guiding their employees toward success,
  • Schedule their management responsibilities to ensure that nothing is left to chance, and
  • Use practiced, real-world scenarios to resolve challenges and remove barriers.

This team-oriented approach to effective supervision is only available through TSOD. Our customers find that this program pays for itself immediately: If only one supervisor receives the guidance they need to succeed with your company, you’ll save thousands of dollars in recruiting, training, and productivity costs.

TSOD Team Leadership Workshops are conducted at your location, at your convenience, for groups of seven or more managers.

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