Little Successes – From the R&D Department of TSOD

Little Successes – From the R&D Department of TSOD

November 7, 2014

Little Successes

Little SuccessesI am so glad I’m not beginning my career. Life was a much simpler without the time-saving technology of the Internet, the crush of corporate mergers and acquisitions, or the forming and reforming of teams facing today’s newbies in the workforce. (Training Services On Demand) is frequently called upon to conduct team-building workshops. The good news is today’s graduates are better prepared to handle the fluidity and complexity of American business. The bad news is these people are overwhelmed.

We’re seeing that today’s workers are finding it difficult to keep up. The result is workers dropping out of areas they’ve been trained for in exchange for a more predictable, albeit less financially rewarding life. There’s nothing wrong with making these choices but at least some of these moves might not have been made if the harried employee, supervisor or business owner would have been able to see progress in their day-to-day activities.

A few years back I launched a 24/7 cable news network serving a handful of Mid-Atlantic States. The run-up to blastoff was grueling. I was overwhelmed. I had too many urgent things that needed to be done by a specific time. Nothing was going smoothly and it seemed the effort was – well, stuck.

Fortunately I had someone to talk to who assured me that my frustrations would be assuaged with a little success. She suggested that all I needed was one success: one regulatory victory, one affiliate in the bag, one acceptable satellite uplink agreement. But the word “one” didn’t work for me; it seemed “one” was just not enough to lift me from my morass

But one was enough. Within a day I did see one of those successes – just one. But that single success was enough to bolster my spirits to see a second and a third and eventually to work through the launch.

My takeaway was that no matter how complicated things get they will eventually improve. They just won’t happen at the same time. Let things unfold. A little success will go a long way to steeling you for a long and complicated project. Give it time.

Tim Sharp is the Chief of Curriculum for and is a Lecturer at the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism.

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