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Presentation Skills Training Programs: Course Overview

Persuade, compel, inform, and motivate your listeners after graduating from a fast-moving, interactive Presentation Skills Workshop!
The Course Overview page introduces the methods we use—including video coaching—to reinforce the proven techniques you’ll gain in TSOD Presentation Skills seminars and workshops…

Presentation Skills for Executives & Opinion Makers

2 Days, At Your Location
Designed specifically for high-level, high-visibility corporate and government leaders, this comprehensive Presentation Skills workshop is facilitated by an award-winning television newscaster.  You’ll learn how to present with poise and confidence, deal with adversity, and use psychological persuaders to impress and motivate any audience…

Presentation Skills for Sales Professionals

2 Days, At Your Location
Boost the impact and success rate of your sales presentations with this interactive, high-energy Presentation Skills training course.  You’ll not only discover new ways to influence your buyers, you’ll learn proven techniques for leaving objections in the dust.  Along the way, you’ll practice techniques that bring credibility and charisma to your sales appointments…

Presentation Skills for Professionals & Managers

2 Days, At Your Location
Geared toward high-tech professionals, managers, and medical/legal/financial professionals, this Presentation Skills course emphasizes peer-group briefing skills and ad hoc training methods.  You’ll learn how to get your point across in the most memorable way possible, whether you’re a first-timer or a gray-bearded public speaker…

Presentation Skills for Professional Trainers

2 Days, At Your Location
Take your training team to the next level with this high-impact Presentation Skills course for training professionals.  You’ll not only learn how to control and motivate your groups, you’ll discover new methods for increasing training course retention and optimizing the learning experience…

Presentation Skills Short Course

1 Day, At Your Location
This one-day “seminar” version of our popular presentation skills workshop moves through the course content quickly, giving you proven insights, tips, and techniques for presentation excellence.  Although less interactive than the Presentation Skills Workshops listed above, this course is useful for organizations with very tight time constraints…

Presentation Consulting: Rollout Review & Critique

[Time Varies]  At Your Location
TSOD’s review-and-critique service increases the effectiveness of pivotal presentations.  Our professional presentation consultants come to your location to provide analysis and coaching before you debut your make-or-break presentation.  This service is recommended before launching key presentations to shareholders, the news media, strategic customers, boards of directors, elected officials, investors, or other highly influential audiences…

Media Interviewing Skills Courses

1 – 2 Days, At Your Location
Designed specifically for executives, politicians, and high-visibility professionals, MediaSavvy media training programs teach the art and science of dealing with reporters, conducting interviews, and expressing yourself in a compelling, believable manner.  You’ll benefit from the insight of experienced journalists as you learn interviewing techniques appropriate to news conferences and one-on-one media encounters…

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Presentation Skills Mini-Seminars for Conventions

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