TV is Not Real Life – from TSOD R&D

TV is Not Real Life – from TSOD R&D

March 10, 2015

TV is Not Real Life – so don’t act like actors

One of TSOD’s most popular workshops is our Sexual Harassment Prevention series. Well, popular is probably not the right word. It’s a program much in demand but those consigned to sit through it are often less than enthused. They often feel “sentenced” to the two-hour session.

It’s worth noting that while we treat the material seriously we do everything we can to keep it upbeat so if you see it on your agenda it’ll be OK.

And there’s good news about the topic. The number of sexual harassment cases has fallen over the years so our program and that of other trainers nationwide is beginning to have an effect.

What has not seemed to change is the number of times an inappropriate comment is made in the workplace based on a scripted line from a TV sitcom. We offer this warning: TV is not real life.

Don't act like bad guys on TV

TV Programs Can be Switched Off – Real Life Can’t

We sometimes get “the look.” The “How come they can say (or do) that on TV and I can’t?”

Because you can turn the TV off without fear of losing your job. Because the hostility contained in an inappropriate TV comment disappears as easily as pressing a button on a remote. Ah if only sexual harassment offenders could be as easily handled. But they can’t. While dealing with sexual harassment can sometimes come with a simple message of “back off, ” they can escalate into multimillion settlements.

Laugh tracks can lure supervisors and coworkers into thinking inappropriate sexual comments are funny and welcome. Think again. One of the first things you’ll notice in a courtroom is there are no laugh tracks and rarely a sense of amusement for inappropriate behavior in the workplace.

Tim Sharp

TSOD offers sexual harassment prevention programs for employees and supervisors both at your location and online.


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